Aura Reading

Aura Reading. What is aura reading, really? In contrast to outdated cliches!

Today, learn the truth about what it can mean to you, reading auras. (Or having it done for you. By somebody who can do far more than “seeing the colors.)

Auras are energy bodies around your physical body. Chock full of useful information about you. Of course, aura reading means accessing that information. In order to help you!

What Kinds of Info Show in Your Aura Right Now?

Here are some examples:

  • Gifts of your soul that can help you to succeed.
  • Your truthfulness
  • Both emotional giving and emotional receiving
  • How well you’re using personal power — a vital resource that many of us haven’t learned to use yet.
  • Finally, here’s a list of 50 ultra-practical aura reading topics. From “Read People Deeper,” one of my how books that can start you reading auras. Including from regular photographs!

In Short

Aura reading means accessing that information.

Most important: You can learn to do this. Your solution? Explore the natural, holistic system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®.

Today's Aura READING Goes far Beyond "SEEING Auras."

Today’s aura reading is a form of energetic literacy.

Just as you can read words with word literacy! Just that fluently and easily, you can learn to read auras.

But Did You Know This?

For thousands of years, who could read auras?

  1. Psychics
  2. Spiritualists
  3. Shamanic healers
  4. Spiritual teachers
  5. New Age-style energy healers

And for all of them, reading auras was about “seeing the colours.”

Meanwhile, Fortunately, Something Has Changed

A subtle change. But it has impacted your life. And the lives of everybody you know.

On December 21, 2012, the world underwent a shift:

From the Age of Faith into the Age of Awakening.

For that reason, you are capable of doing much, much better quality aura reading than most of what’s available today.

Aura Reading Today Means Reading Chakra Databanks

That’s right, aura reading can provide so much more useful info… When the aura reader has good enough skills… That allow reading chakra databanks.

But What Are Chakra Databanks?

This easy sequence of YouTube videos is worth a thousand words:

When folks talk about “seeing auras” instead of “reading auras,” bless their hearts. They’ve got talent but very limited skills. “Seeing” as a goal is’s a tipoff to Stage 1 Energetic Literacy. Notoriously unreliable!

How about doing a “Chakra Reading”? Hey, that’s better than generalizing about a person’s entire aura. But Chakra Readings are so Age of Faith.

Granted, most folks didn’t get the memo yet. So they’re using yesteryear’s version of reading auras. Technically the name for that is Stage 2 Energetic Literacy. Pretty darned basic!

You Deserve Better. Both for Yourself

And When Choosing Expert Aura Readers.

Can that person read chakra databanks yet? That’s a key consumer question.

Don’t settle for anything less than Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. Which includes not only reading chakra databanks but also reading auras from regular photographs.

Now Let's Go Deeper into the Nature of Deeper Perception

Exploring further, let’s start here.

What’s the point of reading auras? (Or to use the obsolete term, “seeing” auras?)

Info in your aura is especially concentrated in places that correspond to parts of the physical body. These are known as major chakras.

Each of your chakras contains 50 databanks of information.

That’s right. Reading any chakra or sub-chakra as one unit is quite an over-simplification.

And Every Chakra Databank Is a Great Resource for Learning —

Whether About Yourself Or Others

Since every chakra databank concerns a particular aspect of your life.

How much detail can you read right now, choosing any chakra databank you like?

Loads! All you need do is develop Stage 3 Energetic Literacy.

Aura Reading Can Deliver Far More than Stage ONE Energetic Literacy

Granted, all beginners start here.

Newbie aura readers are (rightly) thrilled to notice anything at all about auras.

For example, let’s compare this to reading a kid’s first book with great big pictures.

Remember what happened? One special day, the blobs on the page started to shift. Suddenly you could make out people and objects within a picture. Aha! The first connection has been made.

Noticing auras is different from touching a toaster. Or seeing a kitchen sink. The perception is equally real. But far more subtle.

Typical Examples of Reading Auras with Just Stage 1 Energetic Literacy

  1. “I see colors around Gladys.”
  2. Or “Gladys has good vibes.”
  3. Or “I pick up a good feeling about Gladys.”

Aura Reading Can Deliver Far More than Stage TWO Energetic Literacy

To clarify what Stage Two Energetic Literacy is all about… Let’s continue with our analogy about word literacy.

Stage Two Energetic Literacy? It’s like reading picture books that tell a story.

In terms of reading auras, a person does Chakra Readings. Yes, it’s a breakthrough to gain access to info in a chakra. Yet this is so limited.

How often have you encountered impressive-sounding generalizations. Which, in reality, mean that the person is excited. And maybe in love with what I call “The Romance of the Astral.” But that’s about it.

Typical Examples of Reading Auras with Just

Stage 2 Energetic Literacy

Folks generalize about an entire chakra. Such as:

  1. “Joe’s Root Chakra is open”
  2. “Honestly, Joe’s aura is nothing special”
  3. “Joe’s Third Eye Chakra convinces me that he is Enlightened.”

Exactly how helpful is this kind of thing, really? Up to you to decide!

Definitely, Stage 3 Energetic Literacy Is Required for Today's Aura Reading

Once you’ve developed Stage 3 Energetic Literacy, you’re reading auras in loads of detail.

Chakra databanks reveal so much Back at our analogy to word literacy, what is good quality aura reading?

Like reading Green Eggs and Ham. The words, not just stringing together the pictures.

Actually, with a bit more practice, you can do the equivalent of reading War and Peace. You can access a more complex story.

With full energetic literacy you can compare and contrast Gladys’s Root Chakra databanks, or databanks anywhere else in his auric field.

Just Like Word Literacy, You Can Read. Then Compare & Contrast

For instance, maybe you’d like to use an array of chakra databanks for a particular purpose.

At my blog I’ve written articles about different sets of chakra databanks. As a matter of fact, these sets give you a head start at exploring aspects of life that matter to you. Such as?

Making More Money by Reading This Set of Chakra Databanks

Also known as: the Magnetize Money Chakra Databanks

One of my how-to books is loaded with ways to improve how these various chakra databanks are functioning. Click here to learn about this aura reading-based how-to for gaining more success.

How about Developing a Stronger Presence?

I’ve got just the thing. This assessment array can be a great way to compare & contrast. Inspiring you.

Or, maybe, inspiring some choices for personal growth.

Either way, you win. Thanks to our array of Chakra Databanks for Physicality.

One of my favorite examples (of many, here at this blog)? An aura reading of famed ballerina Misty Copeland.

And in another case….

Aura Reading Can Help You with Sex

Specifically, one particular array of chakra databanks can make a big difference. Namely, Aura Reading for Sexual Balance.

Of course, I’ve written articles applying this skill. For instance:

What If You'd Like to Learn these Powerful, Empowering Skills for Reading Auras?

Seems like, you’ve come to the right website.

Energy Spirituality offers you many ways to get good skills for aura reading. And to benefit from them. Specifically:

This Free Intro can get you started learning from my online workshops.

Following that, you’ll be eligible to take our fascinating Aura Reading Collection of Workshops.

Most Cost-Effective? These How-To Books

Aura Reading Through All Your Senses is an International Bestseller.

While Read People Deeper can teach you how to read auras from regular photos. Plus so much more!

How about Having Me Read Your Aura?

So many possibilities for me to be of service to you. Witness all the applications of aura reading in the tabbed box. Here, at an intro to Energy Spirituality Sessions of Aura READING.

Most mind-body-spirit consumers know very little of what follows. How about you?

21 Stages of Aura Reading Expertise

By the time you develop Stage 3 Energetic Literacy, you’ve got skills. Equivalent to how word literacy skills allows you to read this screen.

Yet the scope for reading auras is much bigger.

Really, Much Bigger

Just in case you’re curious, here’s a list of skills I’ve developed. Co-creating with Divine inspiration as the Founder of Energy Spirituality.

It doesn’t hurt that I’ve had well more than 10,000 hours of practice. 🙂

Rose Rosetree’s Starter Set of Aura Reading Skills

#1. General Energy Readings. Picking up a vibe about the entire aura or seeing a color.

#2. Generalizations Plus Some Skill. Generalizing about colors and energies.

#3. Fluent, Effortless, and Practical Aura Reading. Reading chakra databanks in detail. In person OR from a regular photo. Achieving this, a person has attained full energetic literacy. Like your word literacy for reading this screen.

#4. Remote Aura Reading With Clients. Reading the aura of a person on the phone or webcam, not physically present with you.

#5. Skilled Empath Merge in Person. Available to empaths only. Experience, safely and directly, what it’s like to be another person.

More Advanced Aura Reading Skills That I Can Teach You

#6. Skilled Empath Merge with Regular Photos. Also available to empaths only. A more personal, vivid, experience than reading auras from photos.

#7. And Skilled Empath Merge with a Non-Human “Discovery Person.” Once again, available to empaths only, depending upon personal gifts. Experience the consciousness of a plant, machine, crystal, etc.

#8. Reading Chakra Databanks From Head Shots. Thereby you gain access to data from hundreds of chakra databanks… Even when only the person’s face shows in the photograph.

#9. Make Money Profiles. Investigating and assessing how a person can move forward at gaining greater success.

Even More Advanced Aura Reading Skills That I Can Teach You

#10. Soul Thrill® Aura Research. Discern your own subconscious reactions to possible choices. Detailed, accurate info.

#11. Researching WITHIN Chakra Databanks. Additional details are available when perception of chakra databanks is steady enough to research in this way.

#12. Vibrational Re-Positioning®, Basic. Perceive the relationship between chakra databank and causational STUFF in a person’s aura.

#13. Vibrational Re-Positioning®, Advanced. Research and correct the energetic sequencing caused by energetic subroutines. (Like bugs in a person’s internal software.)

Quite Advanced Aura Reading Techniques

#14. Researching Your Own Energetic Holograms An energetic hologram is stored information, a deep part of a person’s subconscious mind and aura.

#15. Discerning Energetic Holograms of Another Person More complex than researching your own energetic holograms.

#16. Energetic Holograms of a Second Person. Significant more demanding technically, requiring that previous levels of skill be firmly established.

#17. Consciousness Positioning Consults. Pulling out of an energetic holograms to solve problems. Researching a client’s consciousness while meditating, during an experience of spiritual awakening, etc. Bringing clarity about what really happened.

Finally, These Aura Reader’s Skills Are at the Forefront of Energy Spirituality

#18. Spiritual Discernment Consults. Researching the consequences of the activity being undertaken for personal growth or spiritual awakening. Which vibrational frequencies are involved?

#19. Research for Causational Belief Transformation. These highly influential beliefs are stored at a very deep level of the subconscious mind.

#20. Research for Causational Agreement Transformation. These are stored even deeper.

#21. Untangling Threads of Causation. This quality of discernment, and associated procedure for Energy Spirituality-Style Energy HEALING helps a person to release unnecessary guilt and shame.

Frequently Asked Questions

But I thought auras were colors. Isn't that the main thing about them?

Look, is the purpose of reading auras to see pretty colors?

I don’t think so. Since the information matters far more. Colors are a means to an end.

Actually, they’re not the only means, either. Since different people have different gifts for aura reading.

Although everybody has a full gift set, all people do not have identical gift sets.

So what, exactly, IS an aura reading?

This happens when someone tells you detailed information based on what’s in your aura.

Also, when you access this information on yourself, you’re doing the aura reading.

  • You can read your aura in the present.
  • Alternatively, what can you do once you’ve got Stage 3 Energetic Literacy? Research a photo of yourself, from babyhood onward. And thus do aura readings on yourself at any age in this entire lifetime.

How do I get started with aura reading?

  • The first step in getting started with aura reading is to demolish The Myth About Auras, which can block your experiences.
  • Then I like to help a student to appreciate your strongest gifts for aura reading.
  • Afterwards, specific techniques show you how to do readings and interpret what you find.

My book on Aura Reading Through All Your Senses gives you exactly that sequence.

This how-to is loaded with techniques for reading auras, over 100 of them. They have been tested with thousands of students since 1986.


In fact, the German edition of this book, die Aura erkennen mit allen Sinnen, became a national bestseller.

Many foreign editions have been published of my books on aura reading, face reading, Empath Empowerment, and cutting cords of attachment.

So yeah, I’ve taught other people. What matters more? I can teach YOU.

Can I really do this? I've tried seeing auras before. Not much happened.

Fear not! You still can do aura reading, and do it brilliantly.

Most people aren’t set up with a gift set where most information in life comes as a matter of clairvoyance. So why would our main way to perceive auras be seeing?

One advantage of studying with me is that I can help you to learn about the gifts you’ve really got. Thus, you avoid trying to match someone else’s gift set.

Instead, I help you to find your unique way in. Everybody has one.

Once You Find Your Way In, What Then?

You’ll get info to bring you more clarity in life.

Empowering yourself.

Reading is a life skill full of juice. Surprises. And such big fun!

How practical is aura reading?

Great question!

Aura reading is hugely practical. It can give you an advantage in just about every aspect of your life.

Sure aura reading is spiritual but when you take it shopping, it can also bring you more bang for the buck.

What else can aura reading do for me?

Aura reading can help you to protect the health of your loved ones as well as yourself.

In this book, I teach you skills for using aura reading as a parent. Plus mind-boggling insights into homeopathy, aromatherapy, music, sex, food, and more.

And, if you approach aura reading as a spiritual seeker, you’ll realize that I am guiding you to use aura reading as the inner language to gain more spiritual awakening.

No coincidence, I use specialized aura reading skills as an Enlightenment Coach.

How can Rose help with finding my purpose?

Ever hear of Soul Thrill Aura Research®?

It can help you a great deal. Beyond that, you can read many articles about “purpose” here at my website.

I hope they can bring you clarity. Since many people have unrealistic expectations about purpose. I’d love to help you do better.

Will Rose predict my future?


Although there are some wonderful psychics, those who make predictions run the risk of having clients become dependent on them.

My mission as a spiritual teacher is to empower every client — so I base my work with you on the here and now.

Predictions can be right or wrong, but it’s always right (and powerful) to understand yourself. This helps you to lead from your strengths in life. They show in your aura reading RIGHT NOW!