"The Empath Empowerment® Collection"

Have you ever wondered, Could I be an empath? Because that might explain a lot of the problems I’m having.

What kind of problems?

  • Not sure who you are as a person.
  • Not sure you like who you are as a person.
  • Easily overwhelmed by being with others.
  • Often serving as a helper to others. But where’s the give-back?
  • Worrying about the problems of others more often than you really need to.
  • Personally feeling weak, insecure, neurotic, etc.

The system of Empath Empowerment® doesn’t solve every problem that a person could have in life. But it sure can solve a lot of problems that make life hard for empaths.

In this free intro, you’ll gain clarity about what an empath actually is. Learn why empaths suffer. And what kind of help can stop tricky confusions in life that do not come labelled as “Empath-Related.”

In case you’re wondering… Some free workshops are mostly fluff. This one sure isn’t. In fact, this five-lesson series may be free, but it’s required for all who aim to take other workshops in The Empath Empowerment® Collection.


Yes, congratulations on finding this five-lesson introduction to Empath Empowerment. Here you’ll learn empath basics that really can make a difference.

For example, you’ll learn specifics about what an empath actually is. Take a sequence of quizzes, if you like. All designed to help you to learn more about yourself, exploring whether you’re an empath or not.

Also of practical importance, you’ll learn what happens to empaths until they get skills. Especially you’ll learn about one very specific problem that happens to every single empath on earth. At least, it happens until that person learns skills that really work. And how ironic is this? Although this problem may be happening to you a thousand times every day, you probably don’t even know what it’s called! Let alone learn how to stop it from happening.

Interesting fact: If you have studied with other empath coaches, you probably haven’t been told anything at all about this problem. Nor have you received a precise definition of what an empath is. No kidding! And how can you trust an empath coach who gets all vague or fearful about how to define “empath”?

Millions of empaths have picked up tips or otherwise studied with empath “experts” whose help brought precious few results. If that sounds familiar, don’t you owe it to yourself to learn from this free introduction?

Let this intro help you as a consumer of services for empaths. Protect yourself from approaches that might sound fabulous but don’t produce much by way of real-life results. Some of these approaches might even make your empath problems worse. (In this intro, you’ll find out why.) Altogether, wouldn’t it be useful to gain more clarity on what’s offered today in the bizzzzzzy “Empath Marketplace.”

What Else You’ll Find Here

Inspire yourself with a video sample of Skilled Empath Merge. (What’s that? It’s wonderful. And you might as well find out about Skilled Empath Merge. Because, some day, Rose just might teach you how to do it!)

Awaken your understanding about being an empath… through a generous supply of audio lectures.

Learn easily, thanks to a combo of handouts, worksheets, and quizzes. And, BTW, some of those quizzes are laugh-out-loud funny.

Boredom? Now, that you won’t find.

Module Breakdown

Lesson 01. What Is an Empath?

Includes 3 audio lectures. Total listening time is 30 minutes.

1 handout

Quiz. Empath Means Whaaaaat?

Lesson 02. Quiz Yourself Twice, Twice

Includes 2 audio lectures. Total listening time is 1 hour.

1 handout

Quiz #1: The Practical Empath Quiz

Quiz #2: A More Sophisticated Empath Quiz

Lesson 03. Are You Sure You’re an Empath?

Includes 3 audio lectures. Total listening time is xx minutes. ***

Includes 2 worksheets, 1 handout

Quiz: What Do YOU Expect?

Lesson 04. More About Empath Empowerment®

Includes 2 video lectures. Total viewing time is 20 minutes.

Includes 2 audio lectures. Total listening time is 30 minutes.

Includes 1 handout

Quiz: Why Every Born Empath Can Become a SKILLED Empath.

Lesson 05. Can You Get a Job as an Empath?

Includes 2 audio lectures. Total listening time is 18 minutes.

1 worksheet

Quiz: What to Expect as a Skilled Empath

Editor’s Note: These quantities were accurate at the time this online workshop was released. With subsequent edits, these totals may change. Please view this summary as a helpful guide only.

Disclaimer: The skills taught in this workshop have been researched over many years. However, Rose Rosetree and her company (Rose Rosetree, LLC) assume no liability whatsoever for damages of any kind that occur from the application or use of the material in this online workshop. The method of self-healing presented here is not intended as a substitute for the professional care of psychologists, physicians, or other health care providers. Instead, the goal is to support self-care. In short, this workshop educates you in skills to use in the pursuit of optimal well-being.

Gone is the ‘tude from those rebellion years, like middle school,
when school is sooo not voluntary.

As you may remember from back in the day, students may not get to choose either their classes or their teachers.

By contrast, you’re here by your own free choice. Glad you’re here! All the educational experiences I offer are designed for your benefit. You want to succeed and I’m here to help you to do just that.

Before developing online workshops, I have taught adult ed. for public schools and also private schools. Specifically, I’ve taught in Arizona, California, Florida, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, The District of Columbia, Virginia, and Washington. Outside the U.S., I’ve taught live workshops in Asia and Europe.

Between giving live workshops and also offering personal mentoring, I’ve also had students from Australia and New Zealand, Africa, the Middle East, and South America. My North American students have come from Canada and Mexico, not just the US. And although I haven’t had any students born and raised in Antarctica, one of my students did live there for a while. 🙂

Of course, what matters most is the person, not the country. I look forward to getting to know you personally. For starters, though, I wanted you to know that I love teaching adult learners like you. Thank you for choosing to study with me.

How to Get the Most from
any RES Workshop Lecture

Having an on-demand workshop is so convenient. Ideal for self-paced learning!

Yet the way you set up the learning for yourself matters a lot. Your choices will impact whether you get either more or less from any lecture that I have prepared for you. So here come some suggestions.

  1. Please sit. Did you know? Sitting comfortably, with your head not supported, is ideal. Save those Lay-Z-Boy recliners for when you’re not aiming to learn. Lying down, sprawling, balancing on a ball? Definitely can be fun, but not ideal for learning.
  2. Turn off non-essential electronic devices. For example, checking out texts or emails that come in while you’re taking a lesson. Look, I’ve read of a scientific study about what happened to attention when folks were being notified of incoming emails. (Just notified. Not even stopping to read them.) Those interruptions broke the flow of thinking to such an extent… the subjects in the study became way less attentive. In fact, researchers compared their performance to a control group that was stoned on weed.
  3. You are in control, taking this workshop. So you can give yourself a period of time to do this online workshop, no interruptions. Afterwards, take a break to check your emails, take a snack, play with your poodle. Later come back to the workshop again. All according to your own rhythm. Multi-tasking will not serve you as a learner, so might I suggest? Prevent interruptions before you begin to listen to one of our lectures.
  4. Keep handy a way to make notes: Paper and pen or whichever electronic device you favor. Making notes as you go will enhance your learning.
  5. What about when a workshop lecture goes with a handout or worksheet? Look, you’re listening on demand. Plus you’re by yourself, not with me in the room. Plus, you know you can listen however often you like, what might tempt you? Soooooooo.

You might be tempted to substitute thinking, not writing. Not writing down visible notes.

Guess what? If you do this, you’ll be cheating yourself of some of the learning. Please, go for the full experience.

Why Does Your Setup Matter Especially with RES Workshops?

Because every RES workshop contains more than information. In Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES), every workshop involves something very profound about you. Consciousness! Many of the skills I’m teaching will involve learning very subtle ways to use your consciousness differently.

No wonder I’m encouraging you to develop good habits for making your consciousness resourceful while you learn. Effortlessly resourceful! To awaken your inner wisdom.