• Finding it hard to move forward in your love life?
  • Do you hate going to work?
  • Have you kept trying to improve yourself, but by now it feels like you’re just plain stuck?

RES sessions remove subconscious STUFF — stuck energy at the astral level. Invisible to the human eye! But real, definitely real. Limiting your subconscious mind as well as your energies.

Helping you, Rose Rosetree has this motto: STUFF can always, always, always be healed. Because she’s got loads of skills available to help you, skills that really work. Many of them are described below.

“After receiving that session of Energy HEALING, so much intense aggravation and pain were just gone. Life felt easy again, and I felt like myself. Thank goodness!”

“That one RES Energy HEALING session helped me
more than three years of weekly psychotherapy.”

About Sessions of RES Energy HEALING

“Unlike most forms of Energy Healing — these skills work in the Age of Awakening.”

The New Strong

When Bob started having sessions with Rose, others might have seen an up-and-coming psychiatrist. Secretly, though, his life was quite different. He felt miserable, numb, even powerless to change his life. How did he try to help himself?

  • By constantly reading spiritual blogs
  • Bob thought all his problems resulted from “thinking negative thoughts.” But he couldn’t make himself stop.
  • Working so hard on self-improvement, he stopped paying attention to his body. Or relationships. Or his career.

Bob told Rose he “felt like a zombie, detached from his life. Just going through the motions.” But that changed when Rose helped him to live “The New Strong”. This collection of energy HEALING techniques helps a person to adjust better to living now, in The Age of Awakening.

Understandably, many people have had a lot of problems adjusting to this new era on earth. Apart from Rosetree’s visionary book and workshop, plus her personal sessions, how much has been known so far about life after Dec. 21, 2012.

After a small number of sessions, Bob no longer felt like a zombie. He learned how to position his consciousness in everyday life, finally making good use of today’s “New Vibrational Freedom.” 

“I am now more present, noticing things in objective reality more than I used to. In career, I have started to move forward, and I’ve even moved into a leadership position as a psychiatrist.”

Astral Static Removal

Luis wasn’t feeling like himself. Something was off, and he couldn’t figure out what. So soon he had two problems: Not feeling like himself plus worrying.

Astral Static Removal fixed the problem. By the end of the session, Luis felt back to normal. Energetically clearer than ever. So he could regain his personal confidence at work and in his relationships.

What Is Astral Static?

Just one of the new energetic problems that has appeared during the early years of The Age of Awakening.

As always during an RES session of Energy HEALING, Luis received an orientation before, the chance to give informed consent, and then a systematic approach to healing. A bit of optional homework helps to increase results to support your intention for that session.

“My results from Astral Static Removal have been nothing short of amazing. I didn’t know why I was feeling so bad, but I was.

“As soon as I received this healing, I felt like myself again, like the storm clouds had not only parted but been completely evaporated, and the clean, clear, beautifully pure sun was shining inside me again.”

Astral Tie Removal

Jennifer kept telling the same story over and over. Complaining about all the drivers who had tailgated her on the drive to work. Not only did she risk annoying the folks she complained to. But Jennifer wondered, could something be wrong with her? Was she turning into a whiner? Yet, for the life of her, she couldn’t let all of this go.

Astral Tie Removal lightened Jennifer’s energetic load. It wasn’t even her entire Healing Centerpiece, either.

What Are Astral Ties?

They’re minor energetic connections between people. Minor, yes. But they do add up. Any client would be better off without them.

Astral Tie Removal is included in every session of RES Energy HEALING. Because it helps make life less complicated energetically. As always, informed consent is requested. Soon this becomes standard in every RES session. Since most RES clients have multiple sessions, not just one; also because this healing is just plain smart to do.

Sometimes Astral Ties go by other names: Psychic Ties, Filaments. Sadly, too, some “experts” confuse Cords of Attachment with Astral Ties — and then misguidedly offer “cord-cutting” that isn’t effective even for the simpler problem of cutting astral ties…  (Learn more about Cords of Attachment here.)

Expect to leave your session with more clarity about yourself.

“Clarity is exactly what I feel by the end of any RES session. That Astral Tie cleanup at the end always helps.”

Astral Virus Shutdown

Bryan couldn’t figure out what was wrong. But he kept thinking about his Life Coach way too much, and couldn’t seem to stop. Until Bryan feared that he might be losing his mind.

He wasn’t. Actually Bryan just had a flare-up of Astral Virus. Unlike somebody suffering from a physical virus, Bryan didn’t have chills or a fever. Instead he just felt like something was wrong with him. In a way, it was. His aura had developed a distinctive kind of “Astral Stink,” and the overall quality of his aura was distorted.

But a 55-minute session cleared up the problem completely, and helped to build up immunity against a recurrence. As always during an RES session of Energy HEALING, Bryan received an orientation before, the chance to give informed consent, and then a systematic approach to healing.

What Is Astral Virus?

A very healable form of STUFF. Just another type of energetic problem that happens today, in the early years of The Age of Awakening.

This particular skill set for energy healing includes loads of technical bits — fascinating if you’re interested in how such an RES expert can deliver such a complex healing in less than an hour.

Included is a bit of optional homework that helps to increase results in the direction of the client’s intention for that session. You’ll also leave your session with a list of “Logical Consequences,” results for your likely emotional and spiritual growth as a result of this Healing Centerpiece.

“For a week or so I was feeling weird. Right after her Empath Merge, Rose figured out what the problem was, Astral Virus. By the end of the healing I felt back to normal and in addition I had a nice list of likely results (Logical Consequences) to look forward to.

“They happened.”

Blessing of Light

Ashley was getting over a rocky period. She needed a session to calm herself down. Yet she wanted to receive significant healing, too, if that was possible. 

Easy-peasy. A Blessing of Light brings big-deal improvement. Yet it’s among the gentlest of RES Healing Centerpieces.

In Ashley’s case, she received unexpected help. To start changing a tendency to try too hard, which was undermining her love life and her career.

Did it hurt her feelings, learning about this tendency? Not at all. She’d known about it for years. Called it “Her pattern” and a “Problem with Ego Involvement.” Ashley kept trying to tone it down. But none of that worked.

However, relief came easily. Since this Healing Centerpiece set effortless changes in motion. Simply put, subconscious STUFF was the cause.  And no amount of self-analysis would have moved that STUFF out.

What Is a Blessing of Light?

This is an RES Healing Centerpiece that moves you out of the past and into your present.

Literally, it’s an energetic structure. Co-created with your choice of Divine help. And dedicated to helping you in very specific ways, as you learn during your session.

What kind of STUFF does a Blessing of Light heal in an aura? Frozen blocks of energy. These are incredibly common energetic add-ons to an aura. At any moment, these frozen blocks can be energetically triggered. Creating all sorts of problems.

However, STUFF can always, always, always be healed. A Blessing of Light brings light, brings solutions, that don’t require yet more “Working on yourself.”

Expect to leave your session with a very clear list of ways you’re likely to grow, emotionally and spiritually, as a result of this gentlest of Healing Centerpieces.

“I love this particular Healing Centerpiece. Results are quietly amazing, and they just flow in so easily right from when I’m in session, gently accumulating in the weeks and months that follow my session.

“And it never fails. Those layers of Blessing match my intention perfectly, like a pair of shoes that fits perfectly.”

Cut Cords of Attachment

Moving on from a child’s death is always painful, but maybe the worst is when that death came by suicide. When Samantha called for her first appointment, she told Rose how hard it had been for her to move on from that suicide, 15 years before. Given what was going on in Samantha’s aura, Rose chose the Healing Centerpiece of cutting Samantha’s cord of attachment to her late daughter. 

At the start of her second session with Rose, Samantha described what she did right after their first session. “Right after the call, I took the cremation urn from my mantelpiece in the living room. Then I walked outside and buried those ashes in my back yard, at last.” 

Cutting cords of attachment is hardly the only Healing Centerpiece in RES, but for that first session with Samantha, it was perfectly appropriate:

  1. The combination of permanent cord removal and validation.
  2. Learning about the subconscious cord items that had tormented her for so many years.
  3. Previewing logical consequences — specific results she could expect from this session. For starters, never again would she have a cord of attachment to her departed daughter, keeping only her spiritual tie.

What Is A Cord of Attachment?

Cords of attachment are energetic structures between you and another person. By now, you’ve already got hundreds. And you’ll continue to get more throughout life. Although all cords of attachment are, by definition, unpleasant… some are truly major cords of attachment. So removing them can make a big difference in your life.

Of course, Rose can discern whether a cord of attachment is major or minor. And that’s just the start of the clarity, skill, and experience she brings to the art of cutting cords of attachment.

Included is a bit of optional homework that helps to increase results in the direction of the client’s intention for that session. You’ll also leave your session with a list of “Logical Consequences,” results for your likely emotional and spiritual growth as a result of this Healing Centerpiece.

“After an amazing healing session with Rose, I felt re-balanced and lighthearted. And I could feel the shifts as my intention was fulfilled.”

Facade Body Upgrade

Cole had been through a lot since he first became my client. Finally he got that divorce from a loveless marriage. Finally he stopped seeing the other woman in his love triangle.

But getting his life back on track — that was still hard. Friends would tell him, “Time heals all wounds.” What? Cole had waited for 15 years to clean up his love life. He sure didn’t wish to wait another 15 years — or whenever — until “Time” mysteriously allowed him to move forward. 

This session, it was time for a Facade Body Upgrade. This helped Cole from sending out aura-level mixed messages. And from saying and doing things that were limited by the subconscious old habits that Cole felt so ready to change.

What Are Facade Bodies?

These are necessary components of a human personality. Ironically, the more people grow emotionally and spiritually… the more likely that aurically they send a mixed message. Self-growth is contradicted by Facade Bodies that haven’t kept up with the change.

Facade Body Healing is a little-known type of energy healing. It deserves a bigger reputation.

In RES Energy HEALING, this counts as a form of Ener-Junk, remedied by one of the advanced Spiritually Sparkling® Skills.

As usual: In session, Rose adds some skills not available with the self-healing skills that she teaches in workshops and books. Useful additions, though: These extra skills help with soul awakening.

Expect to leave this kind of session with a stronger sense of yourself. And a greater sense of power for all your relationships.

“What a difference! What a relief! For someone who has worked so hard on myself, it’s amazing that prior to our session I had no clue at all about this problem.

“The recording you made for me means that this I can add “Facade Body Problems” to my checklist of problems solved!”

Psychic Coercion Removal

Grace kept blaming her ex, Stanley. Blaming him for her self-criticism. How often she kept replaying scenes from her past. Plus a feeling of hopelessness about ever being happy.

Although new clients are advised not to request a particular Healing Centerpiece, Grace couldn’t resist telling Rose what was needed: Cutting her cord of attachment to that lousy ex.

Luckily for her, Rose was an RES Practitioner. She knew a lot more than her well-meaning client about selecting an appropriate Healing Centerpiece.

Because Psychic Coercion Removal was what Grace really needed most. Like the proverbial elephant in the room, Grace carried a ton of this form of Ener-Junk. Subconsciously it created many of the problems that were driving Grace wild. Only her conscious mind (smart, but with a limited knowledge of RES) had it all “figured out” that the energetic cause was Stanley.

By the end of that Psychic Coercion Removal, Grace felt noticeably better. Already. With a great deal of improvement to come.

What is Psychic Coercion?

It’s a kind of astral energy that can rip up self-confidence. For a while, at least. Because, fortunately, STUFF can always, always, always be healed.

Included are several social skills for greater empowerment in your relationships. Plus you receive a powerful energy healing. Let Rose know if you want to be told how much Psychic Coercion left your aura as a result of this session!

“I’ll admit it, that before my session I was sure you’d help me by cutting my cord of attachment to this awful teacher at school.

“But soon as you explained this way of helping me, it made sense. Now I feel tons lighter, and I expect improvement in my relationships with plenty of people, not just that teacher. Thank you, Rose.”

Soul Retrieval and Validation

Nathaniel felt like he’d had it. Would he ever be able to pick himself up off the floor? Words like “discouraged” didn’t do justice to how hopeless he felt.

Soul Retrieval and Validation selected as Nathaniel’s Healing Centerpiece for this session. During the process, he teared up little. Because the experience wasn’t flashy, but it felt true as true could be.

That one part of one RES session helped Nathaniel to make faster progress along his spiritual path. An immediate sense of relief was just the start of results he’d receive.

What Happens During Soul Retrieval?

You may have heard of very dramatic types of soul retrieval done through shamanic work or other psychic specialties. Astral-level spirits are involved. As you’d expect, however, the RES equivalent is altogether different.

If you’re a candidate for this Healing Centerpiece, Rose will explain it to you with the usual thoroughness. And then she’ll facilitate this along with Divine-level assistance. You’ll gain a greater sense of personal wholeness.

What Happens During Soul Validation?

After being given permission by a client, Rose speaks directly to his or her Soul Expression Support for this lifetime — along with whichever Divine Being the client has chosen for co-creating the session.

And what’s the purpose? To allow a person’s soul to wake up more. Although one’s soul is present throughout a lifetime, sometimes coordination weakens between the soul and a person’s active sense of self.

When was this skill set developed?

Not until 2017, over 30 years after founding RES Energy Healing.

Expect Soul Validation to make a non-dramatic but profound difference. Providing validation. Plus a bit of a wake-up call. Consequently your soul begins to engage more fully with your everyday Earth School personality.

“How did I feel after hearing you speak to my soul? Although I had never stopped being in contact with my soul in the first place, afterwards I felt that the soul bond was stronger than ever.

“This brought me such a feeling of hope. Wait, here’s a better way to put it. This brought me such an experience of hope.”

The Spirit Removal Collection of RES Skills

When Kimberly came for her first session of RES, Rose did a Skilled Empath Merge (as usual) to assess what would help her client most. How obvious was the answer in this case? Like being hit by a ton of bricks. A spirit had gotten stuck inside Kimberly’s aura. 

Accordingly Rose facilitated a complete healing. Kimberly felt better immediately, more like herself. Minutes before the session ended, Kimberly told Rose, “I knew I had an astral entity in my aura. Just didn’t know what to do about it.”

Flabbergasted, Rose asked her, “How did you know?” Kimberly’s answer: “Two different psychics told me I needed an exorcism.”

Right, they announced this like a little detail of possible interest? As if Kimberly could easily shop for a qualified person to solve this problem? Where was she supposed to go, the mall?

Several RES Spirit Removal Skills

Are Available to Help, as Needed

The skill set used in the previous example is the most dramatic. Others are milder. However, all count as highly significant for the client.

Given the down-to-earth emphasis of RES, there’s no need to go into more detail here about these Healing Centerpieces. Because — unlike the psychics that Kimberly met in the past — Rose will only tell you about a spirit-related problem if she believes she can help you. Right then. During that session.

No Worries, Please

Actually, having a spirit on the inside of somebody’s aura is not terribly common.

However, milder variations of this problem are fairly common.

Besides the effectiveness of RES Energy HEALING skills, here’s something else to add to your peace of mind as a potential client in session with Rose Rosetree. No paranormal or psychic emphasis is involved in RES sessions.

Rather, whichever skill set is used to help you, the power comes from co-creating with the Divine. Throughout your session, the emphasis will be human. Not astral.

To put this in a less technical way… Nothing weird happens during an RES session.

Empowering You

If you’re interested, some of these distinctive RES skills can be learned through the listings for Books and Workshops elsewhere at this website. Other skills related to spirit removal are taught only to RES Practitioners (graduates of the Mentoring Program in RES) as a form of post-graduate training.

What kind of result can you expect from any of the Spirit Removal Collection of Healing Centerpieces? In general, a stronger sense of self. Plus some results that are personal, highly personal.

“Seems like ever since childhood, it’s like I used to live in a dream world. Now I’m not.”

Thought Form Upgrade

Vanessa was sick and tired from feeling sick and tired. Chronic illness is one of the most dreadful problems a human being can encounter, and so Vanessa was hoping as hard as she could that somehow RES might provide a solution she hadn’t been able to find. Neither through conventional doctors nor through alternative healers.

The bad news is, physical healing lies outside the scope of work for RES. It’s Energy Spirituality, not Energy Medicine. (Nor allopathic medicine.) But the good news is, emotional and spiritual growth can sometimes accelerate during those harsh times of challenge. And this is how Rose helped Vanessa to at least enjoy a better quality of life.

One of the quickest, easiest ways that happened? That was one session where Rose found it appropriate to remove thought forms of pain. Which had been dragging Vanessa down on a daily basis, for years.

Before going into detail about this Healing Centerpiece, it’s worth repeating: Emotional and spiritual growth can sometimes accelerate during those harsh times of challenge. That’s where RES can make a significant difference.

A different RES client, D.G., even moved into Enlightenment. You can read an article about this at Rose’s blog, here.

As Mr. G. wrote in a comment at that above-linked blog post:

“If in any small way my story has been inspiring, I am so happy about it. Not that I ever thought that this will lead to Enlightenment or anything close. But love for God only increased.”

Why Else Get a Thought Form Upgrade?

Granted, thought forms are inevitable in life, bits of astral energy clinging to your aura. And also found in everything you own, such as your home and all your clothing (including, perhaps, a favorite pair of blue jeans, a purchase that required considerable shopping time).

For many reasons, outdated thought forms can drag you down.

  • Chronic pain can seep into the bed you lie in. And even the paint on the walls — or the wallpaper — can keep blasting you with old pain. Until you move out that Ener-Junk!
  • Have you grown a lot? Probably your office furniture never got that memo. Weaker, more troubled versions of you may well be removed, thanks to your efforts at personal growth. Now, isn’t it time to get those icky energy souvenirs out of your workplace?

What happens with this Healing Centerpiece?

Not only do you receive a comprehensive removal of Negative Thought Forms. From your aura, any cars you drive, everything in your home, your workplace, and every single blessed thing that you own…

It can be fun when Rose educates you about this scope of work. She may also have some special suggestions related to your personal lifestyle.

Naturally, you’re going to receive a full Thought Form Upgrade, right then, during your session. You’re also invited to make an audio recording of this energy healing, which can become a resource for you to use for the rest of your life.

Useful to know, Rose also offers support with a related Healing Centerpiece: Remote Thought Form Healing. As appropriate.

“Finishing my session, I felt like I had a fresh start on life. Also I really appreciate your clear explanations of ways that this Healing Centerpiece could help me, as an individual, at this time in my life.”

Vibrational Re-Positioning®

  • An up-and-coming singer needed help with “Handling negativity from others while performing.”
  • A perfectly respectable (and truthful) young man felt clobbered by shame — although he hadn’t done anything wrong.
  • Strong as a spiritual seeker, Zoe felt weak about putting herself first in life, meeting her own human needs.
  • Dalton felt blah about his life, as if it were always going to be terribly, terribly mediocre. 

What did all these problems have in common? Energetic Sub-Routines were the main culprits, a kind of STUFF that robs joy and power from some people’s lives. Until this kind of STUFF is removed!

Most energy healers don’t even have a clue about this causational-level problem within auras. Let alone how to identify it or heal it.

However RES Energy HEALING skills include a collection of techniques known, and trademarked, as Vibrational Re-Positioning®. All involve removing Energetic Sub-Routines.

More about Energetic Sub-Routines

You could think of Energetic Sub-Routines like detours, preventing a simple and efficient commute on a road. In this analogy, your chakra databanks are like one of the major streets in your neighborhood.

  1. Like your “Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connecting to Psychic Guidance.”
  2. And your “Root Chakra Databank for Making Contact with Reality.”
  3. Or a different Root Chakra Databank, “Making Money.”

How Do We Get Energetic Sub-Routines?

Here’s an example. Suppose that various forms of STUFF cause Dalton to lack motivation at work (Making Money). So habits start around making up a bit of fantasy to spice things up (Psychic Guidance). Causing his attention to move towards candy-sweet daydreams of “having it all.”

Habits like these cause Energetic Sub-Routines. Trying to control your thoughts would never be a solution, incidentally. That would most likely worsen the problem.

STUFF removal and PUT-IN to support your soul — now that’s a solution!

As astral structures go, Energetic Sub-Routines appear slight. Reminiscent of spider webs.  Developing originally as workarounds, due to STUFF in chakra databanks.

With repetition, this causational STUFF stays around, subconsciously and energetically. As if taking twisty little side streets had become the usual way to travel, rather than more direct roads.

Fortunately, that starts to change after a session with Vibrational Re-Positioning®. Incidentally, Energetic Sub-Routines can make it harder to shake the aura imbalance of “Spiritual Addiction.”

This Healing Centerpiece often includes optional homework related to social skills. Sometimes there is even a “recipe” to help establish new habits at a causational level of the client’s aura. Always, there’s powerful support for the RES client’s intention for that session.

“Since overcoming spiritual addiction, quite a few things have improved in my life. The main thing is, now I am in a higher-paying job with significantly more responsibility.”

How These Sessions Work

Come in person or enjoy equal benefits over the phone or by Skype.

Sessions of RES Energy HEALING include an expertly selected “Healing Centerpiece.” Selecting the best way to help you  — that is just one way that Rose offers you services that go far beyond self-healing. Every personal session is structured to bring you the greatest possible results.

Even If You've Mostly Given Up on Healing

Sometimes people have gone through some long, lonely healing. Eventually we figure, “That’s it. Got to accept that I’ll never be the same, and just get on with my life.”

That’s not necessarily true, you know.

Here are just a few examples of many ways that Rose has helped people to be themselves, vibrantly.

  • Sure, not the same as before “It” happened.
  • But way better than “Sadder and wiser.”
  • Instead, more awake and alive and self-actualizing.

Like that motto in RES about Energy HEALING Sessions:
“STUFF can always, always, always, always be healed.”

And afterwards, you receive PUT-IN to help with a stronger soul expression.

Unexpected Success Example #1.
Sexual Harassment

Amber was just a kid. Working at one of her first jobs. Working in food service.

Young and cute, alone with her boss. When he took advantage.

A decade later, Amber wasn’t married. Actually, she wasn’t even dating.

Long before #MeToo, sexual harassment has been a familiar story to certain women and men: a story that includes both a victim’s inability to speak out in public against an employer and also the inner consequences. So often a victim of sexual harassment feels as though life is ruined forever. That doesn’t have to be true.

Sessions of RES help to change those inner consequences. Because memories are one thing; STUFF stuck in an aura for the rest of your life? That’s quite another, and it just might be optional.

As you may know, there’s a motto in RES: “STUFF can always, always, always be healed.” After that STUFF is gone, your soul wakes up. Good as new.

Just let Rose select the appropriate Healing Centerpiece to help you. Just bring an initial idea for session intention like “Move on from the sexual harassment with my boss.” She’ll take it from there, basing her choice for your session on what she finds in your aura.

Many Healing Centerpieces in RES can make a life-changing difference after disturbing sexual incidents, not only workplace harassment but also rape and even incest.

Sometimes all it takes is one session over phone or Skype; other times, a client receives cumulative benefit from a series of sessions. Always, the goal is the same, helping that client to truly move forward, claiming a fulfilling life.

Amber, for example. She’s moved on completely. No longer feeling like “damaged goods,” she’s dating now and optimistic about her love life.

Unexpected Success Example #2.
Exiting a Cult

When people leave cults, what don’t they usually know? Saying goodbye to your old “Movement” is no simple thing.

There’s a term of art for what’s really needed: Exiting the cult. Not just leaving it. Exiting.

Rose Rosetree isn’t professionally trained as an exit counselor. However, she can supplement other forms of support because of one simple thing: STUFF Removal.

What will you often hear if you’ve left a cult? “Whatever you’ve learned, you can’t unlearn.”

Rose doesn’t agree, and neither do the clients she has helped to exit fully from a variety of cults. Because it’s one thing to learn what a charismatic leader or church teaches you. It’s something else to “learn” through STUFF stuck in your aura.

Memories don’t keep people stuck. It’s the STUFF!

In Rosetree’s opinion, various kinds of STUFF are to blame when cult exiting’s difficult: until these types of energies have been removed, they can continue replaying daily in your aura and subconscious mind, whether you’ve left the old groupthink or not.

Jared, for instance. Before he figured out what was happening to him, Jared became deeply involved in a pretty weird sexual cult. Daily involvement in some questionable sexual practices, unable to say no to the requests of his superiors in the Movement; and maybe the worst part of it all? A series of creepy initiations that involved discarnate spirits and left Jared feeling defiled.

Eventually, though, Jared summoned up the strength to leave his old group and not look back. Even so, he didn’t feel free. His mind kept wandering back to those everyday practices, until his current sex life seemed out of control.

Fortunately a friend told Jared about the Really Effective Skills of RES, and he was an ideal client to receive help for cult exiting. Right from his first session, Jared was a pretty stable guy (despite all he’d been through). And on his own, he had managed the hardest parts of behavioral change: permanently saying goodbye to his former “friends” and consciously admitting the truth to himself, that he had been involved in a cult.

Rose helped him by facilitating occasional 55-minute sessions, until he was doing just fine. Memories of that awful experience became just a small part of Jared’s history; energetically he grew strong and felt whole, able to lead the kind of life he wanted. An increasingly fulfilled life, at that!

Unexpected Success Example #3.
Full Recovery from Substance Abuse

You might have looked at Michelle’s life and thought, “The typical child of an alcoholic, poor kid.” Except that, being a millennial, Michelle didn’t only get drunk. From her teenage years onward, she’d tried a lot of drugs. Sobriety, to her, seemed like wishful thinking.

Yet Michelle really did want that for herself. After becoming an RES client, Michelle had many sessions that had nothing to do with sobriety; instead, helping her to feel more alive as a person, indirectly increasing her confidence that , when ready, she could start moving towards sobriety.

Later, once she felt ready to make the big change, Michelle began attending 12-step meetings, grateful for that kind of support. However, her main support came from RES sessions, even more than from groups like Alcoholics Anonymous. Because Michelle suffered from a hidden type of sabotage that’s not unique to folks with a substance problem:

Subconscious and energetic STUFF often ran her, weakening her use of free will, making sobriety hard just because certain kinds of STUFF kept pulling her back.

Which kinds of STUFF? Over a series of sessions, Michelle’s centerpieces of RES Energy HEALING included every one of the specialties you can read about, in detail, at the crimson box high up on this page. (Not that many sessions altogether, considering how many years of regular psychotherapy some alcoholics require for recovery.)

To be clear, Michelle’s sessions weren’t just about sobriety but, rather, the many different desires she had to improve her social life and career. And RES wasn’t her only resource; 12-step programs were always there for her when she needed them.

By now it has been over a year since Michelle has used any drugs or alcohol whatsoever. And these days, whenever she makes a date to meet somebody, it won’t be in a bar!!! Her whole way of thinking about life is substance-free, and she’s actually moving forward rapidly on her path to Enlightenment.

Rose is proud of how Michelle is doing. However, Michelle is hardly the only client Rose has been able to help live substance-free. Picture them moving forward quite simply, really, just one RES session at a time. And then, after a while, no longer struggling with “one day at a time.”

Let’s Take A Pause In Our Survey

Maybe you’ve noticed by now. Problems don’t always come with neat, tidy labels. Especially true when the problems involve emotional growth, spiritual growth, and energetically being yourself.

What helps to make Rose an expert at finding energetic problems that involve spirits? Simply a combination of:

  • Precision energetic literacy (Energy READING skills)
  • Experience related to helping thousands of clients worldwide
  • And the power of skills that she has co-created with Divine support

You can scan-read through this part of Rose’s website pretty darned quickly. Still, you might wish to keep in mind that every single skill set here is a unique item, done in a powerful way. Often taking years to develop. And validated by helping one client at a time, year after year.

Easier than Turning Pro at RES

  • Must you be an RES professional to book a session with Rose? Of course not.
  • Must you figure out which Healing Centerpiece you need before booking a session with Rose? That would be a complete waste of time. Let Rose choose the Healing Centerpiece to help you best, based on her professional opinion.
  • Is it smart to sit around, worrying about spirits or trying to see them clairvoyantly, or trying to fix yourself based on free advice from the Internet? Optional. (And also, probably, a complete waste of time.)

Instead, you can relax and enjoy any session with Rose. One reason why: What does Rose include early in every session? Hint: This answer applies whichever type of personal session you request: Energy HEALING, but also Energy READING, Empath Empowerment® Coaching, and Enlightenment Coaching.

Always, Rose does a Skilled Empath Merge. That helps her get to know what’s going on with you, energetically and subconsciously. A one-minute substitute for 15 minutes or more of having you describe your problems!

During this minute-long Skilled Empath Merge, Rose screens you for priority problems to solve, such as Astral Virus Shutdown. Probably she won’t find any. However, if she does, rest assured. It’s easy to turn your session into an RES Energy HEALING session to solve that problem.

Has anybody fainted during one of Rose's energy healing sessions? To me, that's the gold standard. It means something really important happened.


So let’s think about this idea of fainting and apply some human-type common sense.

Why would somebody fall down in a faint during a healing? What could happen to force somebody to lose consciousness?

According to research Rose has done, this happens because the facilitator is working with disembodied spirits, astral beings.

Rose doesn’t invite random spirits into her sessions. Instead, she exclusively co-creates with Divine Beings. So you get the results that Rose previewed for you in the orientation to that particular Healing Centerpiece.

Since I've studied energy healing for years, this is how I want to use Rose in a session: Have her tell me what's wrong with me energetically. Then I can fix it. Will that be okay?

Sorry, no.

Simple logic will tell you that if you’re not skilled enough to find what’s wrong, you don’t yet have enough skill for effective healing.

Rose would be glad to teach you some of these skills. Just be prepared to let go of what you’re doing now and come with Beginner’s Mind. Rather than “Pick & Choose” Mind.

I'm used to energy healers who are kind of flowey. And whatever I want, they say, "How beautiful!" Can I expect this from Rose, too?

Hardly. Instead, expect to start off with an honest, human-type conversation. What is one way you hope to grow. Emotionally or spiritually or in some related way.

Together, you and Rose will find an appropriate intention for your session:

  • Meaningful to you.
  • And also within the scope of work of RES.

Why can't Rose just tell me what is wrong with me. Isn't that her job?

Many new clients have worked with psychics or energy healers who do proceed on that basis. But not Rose.

How come? She’s helping you to grow emotionally and spiritually. Acting like an almighty authority figure doesn’t respect this fact:

You are the supreme expert in all the world about your life.

Another important fact, for RES:

You can choose from many possible Healing Centerpieces. In 55 minutes, you and Rose just need to agree on ONE way to grow. It won’t be possible to do everything.

It’s very good that you asked this question. Because RES sessions will be completely different from any sessions you have done that involved energy work or psychic readings.

Will I get the best results from a session if I try to read energies or stay positive?

So glad you asked! Please don’t do any such thing.

Rather, be the human person you really are. Keep your eyes open except when you’re blinking.

If Rose says something you don’t understand, ask what she means.

Maybe you’ve heard that Rose is an Enlightenment Coach. Well, that doesn’t mean she is scattering hints about how to evolve, tossing them forth like breadcrumbs of wisdom. Whatever she’s talking about with you, that’s what she’s talking about. 🙂