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Soul Role for Spiritual Awakening

Soul Role

Soul Role. Let your soul bring sparkle to every day of your life.

Soul Role. From a spiritual perspective, what is the role of your soul? What you think matters. Even paying attention in the first place. That matters, and it’s up to you.

This article will give you some ideas about how you can live with lively soul thrill.

Although now? With all respect, your soul expression is probably more sleepy-like.

For example, twice this weekend I facilitated Soul Thrill® Aura Research to help a newish client. Joe and Gladys had each done a few sessions of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES). But this was their first session with this kind of research.

And guess what? Both of these accomplished, psychologically savvy, super-smart people had soul thrill like…

A big dud. A nothing. A whaaaaaat? Totally missing in action.

Understandable, really. You see, before their sessions, neither Joe nor Gladys had a clue about Soul Role.

Well, we set out to change that. Succeeding, too!

Soul Role? Whaaaaaat?

First of all, I’d better clear this up. Why do I think that I have the standing to write on this topic?

Well, Soul Thrill Aura Research has just been trademarked. Maybe more to the point, I’ve been using this skill set since the 1980’s.

Gutsy clients required! Since these RES sessions tend to be shocking. Offering a perspective altogether different from:

  • Trying to figure out what God would have you do.
  • Obeying your parents or other authority figures.
  • Listening to a psychic who announces your (alleged) meant-to-be.
  • Letting a therapist hear all your feelings. Until you feel ready to make a decision.

The Unintended Consequence

Sadly, did you know?

Each of these popular ways to make choices in life brings an unintended consequence: Making you like a guinea pig in your own experiment.

Opposite to the power of allowing for an appropriate Soul Role.

You see, aura reading skills can inform you about any choice in life. Giving you nuanced information. And empowering you to make better choices in life.

Soul Role Through Aura Research?

Here you’re the star. Especially your soul.

What is your soul? A deep individuality, seems to me. Your Earth Personality for this incarnation.

Related to all your other personalities in other lifetimes. However, each one’s a unique soul expression.

Every single lifetime… Like every single day in this life right now…

Your soul can shine out, actively taking a role in your human life.

Or not. Because the choice is yours.

Basically, Soul Thrill Aura Research helps you to wake up your soul. No wonder, I’d love to teach you this skill next year. As one of my 2018 in-person workshops.

Interested in Researching Your Soul Thrill?

Ha! I thought you might be interested. So please know this. You’ll have two prerequisites to take that class:

  • The Aura Reading Free Intro. A five-lesson online workshop.
  • Aura Reading for You. A comprehensive workshop, that 101 level. Unusually long, with 36 lessons. Because it takes that long for me to teach you properly. And then you learn. Because you really can.
  • Otherwise, you’ll satisfy this requirement if you’ve taken this in-person workshop: Aura Reading Level 1. (Just don’t expect me to teach this again as an in-person workshop. I’m moving forward to dedicate future live workshops to this: Teach NEW material in this growing field of RES.)
  • Or you could learn aura reading through  Personal Mentoring.

Start preparing now and you’ll be ready to join our live-and-sparkling weekend workshop in 2018. Learning how to do the Soul Thrill research technique. A great life skill!

Meanwhile, you can always be an RES client. Benefiting from a research session like this. Every RES Expert has learned this skill set.

Regardless of any resources I offer, hello! Here and now, there’s something you can do to boost your Soul Role. Just keep reading.

Soul Thrill? Often Sleepy-Like

Could be, lack of soul thrill is the single biggest waste in your life right now.

Do you want more spiritual awakening? Are you even aiming for Enlightenment? Then know this: What’s the easiest way to use more of your full potential in life?

To wake up your Soul Role, spend at least one hour a day…

Doing things that make you happy. Simply delighted. Like a kid, running just for the fun of it.

Any combo of those things, adding up to at least 60 minutes. Noteworthy — and maybe shocking — choices that boost soul thrill are:

  1. Not necessarily dutiful things.  (Important. But not related to soul thrill.)
  2. Or what other people tell you they love.  (Important to them. But not necessarily relevant to your own personal choices.)
  3. Definitely not what you think, intellectually, as an opinion. (Important. However, not remotely related to soul thrill.)
  4. As for letting your emotions or sexual attraction drive your choices? (Please, spare yourself. These feelings matter a lot. You don’t need me to tell you that. Nonetheless, you may have already noticed. When you make choices based just on feelings? Sooner or later you’ll crash. Ouch!)

That magnificent soul of yours has an ever-changing uniqueness. Shining like a rainbow-filled sparkling diamond.

And this lifetime amounts to just one facet, really. Will you make it sparkle? You sure can.

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  1. 1
    Luke says:

    Lately I’ve been dealing with so many people who act grumpy. This blog post was like a breath of fresh air.

    My favorite part was all the way at the end.

  2. 2
    Luke says:

    I’m not used to seeing it that way, like doing what is supposed to be good could be pretty Meh for my soul.

    Thanks to this post I’m inspired to look for chances to enjoy myself and have fun, along with doing the things that I’ve got to do. Kids play so why not me?

  3. 3
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Thanks, LUKE. I like to think of your soul, or any human being’s soul, like the colorful illustration at the top of this post.

    So full of joyful possibility. And a unique combination of potentials for you to develop, as you wish.

  4. 4
    Julie says:

    It is interesting how it is possible to be very accomplished, and to be a real powerhouse at getting things done.

    And yet not have an ounce of soul thrill.

  5. 5
    Julie says:

    I think I didn’t always understand that accomplishment and fulfillment are different things.

    The fulfillment comes from soul thrill, not just from meeting this goal, then meeting that goal

  6. 6
    Julie says:

    And that it’s important to look for happiness, and not just having a great portfolio.

    That on paper, looks like it “should” equal happiness.

    I remember that from far in my past.

  7. 7
    Rose Rosetree says:

    JULIE, what insightful contributions! Thanks.

    Earth School really offers loads of possibilities, doesn’t it?

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