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Spiritually Saying Goodbye After a Death

Spiritually Saying Goodbye After a Death

Spiritually Saying Goodbye After a Death. Here’s a technique to hold in reserve in case you ever need it.

Spiritually Saying Goodbye After a Death. Today I’m going to teach you a technique to keep in reserve. Turn to it if, sadly, you have need of a way to connect one last time to a person you’ve loved.

Because this technique can help you to gain closure after a sudden death. Or the death of someone with dementia. Or anyone you’ve loved who was estranged, a problem that can happen through no fault of your own.

Spiritually Saying Goodbye After a Death. A Useful Life Skill

My heart goes out to Gladys, a friend whose sister suddenly passed on. Bam! That sister’s life ended, and Gladys was there to witness it all.

Grief can linger after a death, and to such an extent that sometimes hear people say, “I’ll never be the same.”

To which I respond, “Lingering grief doesn’t have to be a way that you prove the depth of your love.”

RES includes many effective ways to help you move out lingering sorrow and pain. By contrast, here we have a simple technique for personal growth. It’s an easy gift for you to give yourself.

Yes, in this post I would like to help you by doing a rare thing. Teaching you a technique that you can use as needed. And I do think you’ll be able to learn it just fine from this little blog post.

Saying Goodbye After a Death. A Technique I’ll Share with You Today

Currently this blog has 2,537 posts. And 45,341 comments. If you’ve read many of these articles you know how rare it is for me to use a blog post as a way of teaching you any RES techniques. (The only other one that comes to mind is Truth Light.“)

That’s because I like to teach thoroughly, and most RES techniques can be taught better through books like this one, and workshops like these.

However, this technique is simple. Even more important, it’s time-specific

  • Please, read no further than this blog post heading… unless someone you’re close to has transitioned within three months or less.
  • Just bookmark this article.
  • But please do share this article with anyone you know who’s in that bereavement situation and would like some relief. Provided that… you’re reasonably sure that this person will treat this knowledge with respect.

Meaning: No mixing this in with other techniques. Nor teaching it to other people. (Rather, refer them to this blog post so that they can learn directly from the source.)

Now, what if you have any questions whatsoever about the instructions that follow? Then please book a personal session with me. That way, I’ll answer your questions as best I can, giving you the individual attention that you deserve. Plus I can supplement this technique with other approaches for helping you even more.

Although this post might be all that you need, which would be great!

Spiritually Saying Goodbye After a Death. Introduction

Important to know, this is an RES technique. Meaning, you’ll co-create with Divine help.

Compared to what? Compared to mediumship or channeling or psychic development, which you can find elsewhere on the internet but you won’t find here. (Would you like to understand why? I’d recommend this book on RES Energy HEALING.)

When you’re ready to do this technique for saying goodbye, give yourself 15 minutes in seclusion. Prevent interruptions. Keep handy pen and paper, in case you wind up making notes of any parts that are especially meaningful to you. And you know what? A box of tissues might be helpful to place within easy reach.

When to do this technique.

Please, do it once only. And do it during the bereavement window for simple human connection to someone who’s left this earth.

  • After the first three days following a transition.
  • And for the next three months.
  • During this time, you can spiritually say goodbye to your loved one. Even if you have no prior experience of doing this sort of thing.

Spiritually Saying Goodbye, What to Do, Step-by-Step

Sit to do a particular kind of “Technique Time.” You’ll be exploring with consciousness, receiving bits and bytes of information. Like all techniques of RES Energy READING, please don’t expect anything supernaturally flashy or emotionally intense. You might tear up a bit, but that’s different, and even that might not happen.

#1. Invite in a Divine Being to help you, like God or Jesus or Kwan Yin or Archangel Gabriel.

Say out loud:  [Name of the Divine Being], I call on you to be here with me now. I awaken my Power of Command to Co-Create with you now.

#2. Take one long, slow breath, and then return to normal breathing.

Or if you know how, from previous study with me, take one Vibe-Raising Breath.

#3. Imagine-pretend that you are sitting in a beautiful place with two seats, near to each other.

They could be chairs or stones, benches, whatever you like.

For all that you’re doing here, please-please-please do not call this a “visualization” or attempt to see a thing. Different people have different gift sets for celestial perception, and all that counts is using what you’ve naturally got. So have a flow of ideas and be prepared to encounter feelings, textures, words you hear, colors, images, etc. Whatever!

Okay, Back to this Technique for Spiritually Saying Goodbye After a Death

#4. Now, in imagination, you’re sitting on one of the seats. Invite your loved one to sit on the other seat, simply by pretending it’s so.

How to have a sense of your loved one? Don’t wait for something flashy and special to happen.

  • Think the person’s name once. Within a moment, you may have a sense that your loved one is sitting there with you now.
  • Otherwise, it’s your job to actively get a sense of that person:
  • If it helps, think of a lit candle, in any color you like.
  • Or, if you have a visual memory of how that person has looked, at any time, have a thought of that.
  • Or create any other symbolic form for your loved one.

Once you get started, soon you’ll move into a flow. So please don’t be a perfectionist about this Step #4.

Now that You’ve Set the Stage

#5. Mentally, begin to say goodbye. Pour out your heart.

#6. Pause from time to time. Notice the reaction of your loved one. You might feel-hear-see that person responding to you, sharing with you.

#7. Play along with this conversation, as it happens. Be innocent as a child, playing.

#8. If any ideas seem especially important to you, open your eyes. Do some quick writing and then immediately close your eyes again and continue with this technique, this one-time conversation.

#9. Towards the end, if you like, give your loved one this invitation:

When I’m sleeping and dreaming over the next three nights, starting tonight, I would like to visit with you a little more. If you’re willing, please find me. 

Note: Don’t expect to remember any such meetings. If you’re curious, wait until your own lifetime is over and you’re having your Life Review. While having a human incarnation, there’s plenty we don’t get to know while here, right?

#10. Say goodbye.

Yes, goodbye. Because this ceremony of parting is about to end. And even though you may afterward think of your loved one, let this be your human-style closure. Don’t prolong it, because that won’t help either of you.

As you’re Spiritually Saying Goodbye, maybe you’ll hang around to see your loved one leave. Or perhaps you’ll simply come out of the technique. Either way is good, so proceed with confidence as well as innocence.

#11. To come out of the technique, thank the Divine Being who has helped you and protected you. Stretch and then open your eyes.

It’s done! Consider yourself successful.

This is a technique to do once only for each person you’ve loved who now is back to being an immortal soul, not the incarnated human you got to know.

Once only is a good thing. Do this technique like you mean it. Not as a new job for you to do in life, and not as the start of a series of reruns.

A Few Extra Tips for Spiritually Saying Goodbye After a Death

Like any RES technique, this one has been carefully designed. With all respect, please do not add anything or subtract anything. For example:

DO co-create Spiritually Saying Goodbye with a Divine Being. Even if you’re not religious. And even if you’re not convinced that you even believe in a God. Co-creating with the Divine doesn’t require belief or religion, and having the Divine Being there in the background will help to protect you energetically.

DO NOT invite in angels, spirits,  etc. This could open you up to an array of astral spirits, whether you mean for that to happen or not.

DO enjoy this Spiritually Saying Goodbye as a quiet time, with no TV in the background etc.

DO NOT play soothing music to “get you in the mood.” Music helps to put people into hypnosis. Technically, you’re doing meditation, not hypnosis. Both can be good, but they’re very different, so it’s wise to use them for different purposes. This blog post can help you gain clarity about that.

And, of course, feel free to share in our COMMENTS section if this technique for Spiritually Saying Goodbye has helped you. Otherwise, please avoid giving details of your experience on Facebook or Pinterest or other social media. Today many of us are curating our lives online, detaching from our personal experience and turning out lives into commodities. Well, as I’m sure you know, there are other ways to be cool.

Turning a private spiritual experience into a show can empty out the part that matters. So might I recommend? Keep this special time private, a spiritual opportunity to say goodbye. Following that, may you find yourself feeling better.

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  1. 1
    Edward says:

    This is a wonderful article Rose, thank you for sharing.

    Just like most of the RES techniques I have learned so far, this is a simple technique broken down into simple steps with practical knowledge that is educational and supportive.

    I will keep hold of this technique for when it is needed. Thank you again.

  2. 2
    Gabrielle says:

    Sometimes we don’t realize or fully appreciate the special place people have in our lives until they’re gone. Or for various reasons haven’t had a chance to share.

    Thank you for sharing this technique, Rose.

  3. 3
    Emily says:

    Bookmarked! Thank you Rose!

  4. 4
    Graham says:

    I’ve bookmarked it too! Thanks from me also.

  5. 5
    Liane says:

    Thank you, Rose, for sharing this technique.

    Bookmarked for later.

  6. 6
    Lindsey says:

    Thank you Rose. I’m bookmarking and passing it along too.

    I think it is a very loving, compassionate way to say goodbye to a loved one and it surely will be quite helpful for many.

  7. 7
    Angie says:

    Is there a time limit? What if the loved one died years ago?

  8. 8

    Thanks to all of you who have commented. ANGIE, you just inspired me to go back into the post and bold these words:

    Please, read no further than this blog post heading… unless someone you’re close to has transitioned within three months or less.

  9. 9

    So, ANGIE, does that mean that RES has nothing more to offer you if the loved one died years ago? Of course not. Only that’s no longer a do-it-yourself project, freeing yourself up and moving forward.

    If you don’t just have regrets over not saying goodbye, but you still do have regrets years after the death…. Might I suggest? Consider a personal session of RES Energy HEALING with the intention, “Move forward from the death of [name the person].” I’d love to help you with this.

  10. 10
    Morgan says:

    Is this technique OK to use for someone you didn’t love and had a difficult life with…like a father? How about if he killed himself?

  11. 11

    Glad you asked, Morgan. The answer is an emphatic NO. Also, if you’ve learned the sophisticated skill set of 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®, don’t do that for yourself either.

    So, what to do if you’d like some energetic cleanup from that relationship? Book an RES Session of Energy Healing. Otherwise, simply move on in human ways.

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