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Austin Perine Aura Reading. Inspiring!

Austin Perine Aura

Austin Perine Aura Reading. See how this four-year-old can teach us grownups plenty about giving.

Austin Perine Aura Reading. Because this one is sure to inspire you. Just like the story of his solution to homelessness.

Completing our Makes You Smile Contest, today let’s enjoy one of the prizes. Third Prize.

Actually we’ll be researching our youngest person ever. Youngest to be researched through any RES blog contests yet. Thanks to a lovely nomination by SANDRA HAERING.  

Reading THE Austin Perine Aura? I Can’t Wait

Here’s why.

Once Austin learned some people are homeless — and some are hungry — he launched this caped crusade. Told his mom and dad that he wanted all his allowance and money

they would spend on toys

to go toward chicken sandwiches instead.

After he gives out each sandwich, he gives each person a bit of advice. “Don’t forget to show love,” he tells them. And most do, immediately.

Aura Reading Background

Especially for those of you who prize loving-kindness.

Adorable! This is the photo I’ll use for this aura research

Learn more about aura reading here.

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Austin Perine Aura, Root Chakra Databank for Presence in the Room

Symbolic Size

30 feet


Rippling with the wisdom of an ancient being!

Granted, most four-year-olds have pretty glorious auras. Still fresh from God.

But this one is really special. Austin Perine glows Divine connection. Specifically, he glows with love for God. And also love for the Divine creations called “Humans.”

Austin Perine Aura, Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional GIVING

Symbolic Size

30 feet


Strikingly, the quality of Emotional Giving for Austin is very adult. Delicate, but adult. Being refined, reflective, and appreciative of a person’s individuality.

More complex, cognitively and emotionally, than how must kids view grownups.

Also, here’s something absolutely fascinating. Seems to me, Austin Perine has a very Christian kind of giving.

  • Not that he’s making a sign of the cross when he hands out a sandwich.
  • Nor that he’s even been raised to be Catholic or Protestant. Nothing churchy about him.

Instead here’s how it feels to me. As though he’s fulfilling a desire from one or more previous lifetimes.

Rather than feeling frustrated that he can only pray for others. As if in a lifetime as a monk or nun… Or ministering to his congregation as a priest…

For this lifetime. Or at least this part of this lifetime. Austin has chosen (or been invited) to do something simple. Something practical.

Austin Perine’s way of giving? This aura reader recognizes someone with a resounding spiritual vocation.

Austin Perine Aura, Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional RECEIVING

Symbolic Size

30 feet


Prefacing what I’m about to say, maybe you’ve noticed. If you have children or grandchildren, yes, maybe you’ve noticed.

Until the age of five, or so, a door remains open. In consciousness, children have easy access back home. Easy connection to God. And clear memories, still, of having recently been an angel.

Also clear memories of Life Contract. What they hope to learn in this life. And how they can serve others.

Also known as “the purpose of your life.” Yep, the real spiritual purpose.

Rather than the widely hyped-up fantasy notion of purpose. A notion that torments so many of us. (But doesn’t have to. Since it’s really, truly hype.)

Soooo, what’s the point?

Austin receives a great big blast of Divine love. Along with all the human love. Maybe not all the time, but at times like this, when he’s doing this magnificent human-type service to people.

Via those chicken sandwiches and his pure-hearted words of encouragement.

Austin Perine Aura, Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Spiritual Source

Symbolic Size

30 feet


A very strong Divine blessing supports Austin Perine.

Almost like a magnetic pull. Almost like a comforting hug.

Especially when he is doing his work to help people. And to remind every caring person:

Showing love to other people costs you nothing. And it wakes up the Divine flame within you.

Austin Perine Aura, High Heart Chakra Databank for Soul Thrill

Symbolic Size

45 feet


Austin Perine is having a ball. And not just in the manner of all fun-loving, well-parented children.

Specifically, he’s having such fun showing love. Reminding people to show love.

Seems to me, all is going well. Just as planned, when making his Life Contract.

In Conclusion

Most of us don’t remember our Planning Meetings or Life Contracts. You can read about one in my memoir. Where there’s a kind of peek-a-boo. Sometimes remembering, while growing up. But mostly not.

Regardless, we can do good in the world. Share love. Give to others.

Now is such an important time for that. Lighting up our world like fireflies on a summer evening. Only so much stronger.

And despite the newspaper headlines, innumerable people heed the call to service. Doing good without boasting about it. Like an RES client who just graduated high school.

How is he celebrating? By going with the Youth Group at his Methodist church. Going to help homeless people in another city.

And many on the Enlightenment Life List of folks helped by RES... Live with a strong sense of spiritual giving. Whether formally affiliated with a religion. Or simply affiliated with the Divine.

Today’s contest winner, RES Practitioner SANDRA HAERING, knows something about that.

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  1. 1
    Sandra says:

    Thanks for researching the aura of this little wonder, Rose!

    A true inspiration.

  2. 2
    Kylie Sparks says:

    So inspiring!

    Thank you Rose and thank you Sandra for nominating. This reading brightened my day.

  3. 3
    Emily T says:

    Wow! This was so lovely to read, I’m tearing up!

  4. 4
    Valerie says:

    I was reading about this young man the other day in an article and I was so touched.

    Thank you for doing this reading Rose! It was beautiful.

  5. 5
    Isabella C. says:

    Awwww! Love this.

    Thanks Rose, and thanks Sandra for the nomination.

  6. 6
    Liane says:

    I especially like this little guy’s advice. Don’t forget to show love.

  7. 7
    Chloe says:

    Just what the world needs now-more



  8. 8
    Julie says:

    It’s neat that he found a concrete way to contribute and help people at such a young age.

    A way that is no less sacred than being a monk or a nun, just different.

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