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Enlightenment Eye Flash. Has it happened to you yet?

Enlightenment Eye Flash — find out what that means!

Blog-Buddies, sometimes I wish I could have an extra day within each day just for this blog, posting merrily away. So many great teachable moments are available, given thoughtful comments here about deeper perception in this Age of Awakening! Thank you, one and all.

Today I was planning to deliver a different article here: #1 in quite a long list of blog posts that I had arranged in nice, orderly fashion.

But it does seem as though there’s a clear priority, given some recent comments. Let today be the day for some clarification about the Enlightenment Eye Flash. I’m thrilled at our vigorous conversation over at Auric Modeling at the Shopping Mall, the Enlightenment Eye Flash and More.

Having just googled “enlightenment eye flash,” I found only 604 hits. Check back at google in a year, folks. Once upon a time there were very few hits for “empath” or “cord of attachment” or “the power of face reading” or “chakra databanks” or “spiritual addiction” or other fun ways that RES is right out front in discussing what really happens in life energetically, as shown with skills of deeper perception.

And you, Blog-Buddies, are right out there with me among those on earth learning for the first time about Enlightenment Eye Flash. 🙂

What IS an Enlightenment Eye Flash?

At a subconscious level, everyone reads everybody else’s aura automatically.

  • There at the library
  • In line at the movie theater
  • Sitting next to you on a bus
  • Talking on your mobile phone

Yes, energetically you’re on display to other people. Simultaneously their auras are showing to you. This is auric modeling in everyday life.

When someone has moved into Enlightenment, of course that Enlightened state of consciousness that shows in the person’s aura. Because Enlightenment is not a set of “correct” beliefs nor the lifestyle of being a renunciate (as opposed to a householder) nor ANYTHING that shows at the conscious human level.

Although normal for human beings, and increasingly common in this Age of Awakening, Enlightenment is wonderful to behold. There’s even a Sanskrit word for the blessing it brings, darshan. (Darshan means the auric modeling of someone in Enlightenment, so helpful for spiritual evolution.)

With the conscious mind, folks don’t see it. Not unless the person is doing aura reading at the time. (One of the many reasons to gain energetic literacy is so that you can do your own version of the consumer skill at this blog’s most popular post, where the vast majority of candidates for my Enlightenment Life List are not anywhere close to Enlightenment.)

Nobody Taught Me About the Enlightenment Eye Flash

I just began seeing it, soon after I crossed the threshold into Householder Enlightenment. Over at the blog post I dedicated to this, there were responses from others on my Enlightenment Life List for this community who have noticed the Enlightenment Eye Flash: JULIE, KYLIE, SANDRA, ADAM, DAVID B. And our new Blog-Buddy KATIE has described this as well.

Instead what happens is this. You are walking down the street, or wherever, and somebody looks at you. Say it’s JOE. HE does a super-quick double take, maybe lights up or the eyes open extra awake for a second and then go back to normal. That’s the Enlightenment Eye Flash, and it doesn’t happen on purpose because you have done anything in regular human objective reality.

JOE has subconsciously noticed your auric modeling and it wakes him up just a bit. That super-quick eye flash is all that shows. JOE might not consciously register a thing, not one single thought or feeling.

All in a day’s work, living on earth with that long-term state that is more than a flash of awakening but an ongoing state of consciousness.

Still, Blog-Buddies, whether you have moved into Enlightenment yet or not, you are always inspiring people through the magnificence of your auric modeling.

In fact, doing this could be considered the spiritual purpose of your life. Even though it takes no conscious doing whatsoever.

And yes, sometimes, what shows nonverbally is “taking a shine” to somebody. JOE could seem very engaged, talking with you. However, an Enlightenment Eye Flash will not happen until you have crossed the threshold into Enlightenment.

Okay, now for some clarification about Enlightenment Eye Flash.

Recognizing a Kindred Spirit

Is this Enlightenment Eye Flash? Nope. It happens consciously.

It can be called taking a shine to somebody. Or recognizing a kindred spirit.

By contrast, Enlightenment Eye Flash does not necessarily have a conscious mind component. And the person might not seem especially kindred to you.

For example, I have researched some candidates for my Enlightenment Life List and definitely placed them onto my list. Because they meet my criteria for Enlightenment.

But did I personally consider them kindred spirits or even like them particularly as people? Not necessarily.

What Does Enlightenment Eye Flash Have to Do with Unskilled Empath Merge?


Every born empath does unskilled empath merge until gaining solid skills as an empath. (Of course, this doesn’t have to come through using my system of Empath Empowerment®. But that empath must do something that really works, including prevention of unskilled empath merge.)

Let’s say that you have just met JOE. If you take a shine to him, or feel he’s a kindred spirit, that is conscious. You’ll have a thought, a feeling, etc. Conscious mind.

Unskilled empath merge is not done by the conscious mind. For the clearest, most detailed explanation about what happens with this super-quick shift in consciousness, you can read a very well illustrated part of  Become The Most Important Person in the Room.”

Can the Enlightenment Eye Flash Be Prolonged?

Sure. EMILY told a great story about that in her Comment #26.

If someone is quite awake spiritually, after the initial Enlightenment Eye Flash that person might stare.

Some children and animals are especially prone to this.

For instance, GLADYS told me the story of visiting a home where she was told that the cat was terribly unfriendly. Yet that cat ran over to GLADYS and acted in an affectionate manner.

Personally I had an experience like that as well. I was in at JOE’s house. He had a cat. That cat came over immediately and acted so friendly. Far more friendly than with JOE.

Sadly, JOE had a pretty entrenched spiritual addiction at the time. Well, right after making a bit of a fuss about me, this cat went over to JOE, scratched his leg, then ran away.

Do You Need to Do Anything about Someone’s Enlightenment Eye Flash Directed Towards You?

Of course not. EMILY said it beautifully at Comment 42.

“You could answer questions if it comes up but… noticing this flash is kind of subjective because only you know what it really is.

“They could have all sorts of interpretations or even not consciously recognise it is happening.”

Do You Need to Fix Energy ANYTHING Happening to Others?

Nope. Almighty, omnipresent God doesn’t get into this. Why would you need to?

It’s vital to not be overly involved in energy. While living in this new Age of Awakening, energy is everybody’s shiny new toy. But that doesn’t make noticing it smart.

To progress — whatever your state of consciousness — emphasize what is human during your waking hours. Let the exception be taking up to 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops.

No Need to COMPARE Energy Things, Either

Here’s an answer to the question from KATIE, “Just wondering if the difference between an eye flash and an unskilled empath merge is that eye flash is a pure higher self to higher self communication whereas an empath merge results to stuff getting stuck in your energy field?”

My advice is don’t go there. As someone relatively new to Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES), you probably know about a smallish number of the 15 kinds of STUFF that are healed in RES sessions.

And then there are many more things that you can notice with deeper perception that are not STUFF, like Enlightenment Eye Flash.

A classic example of newbie energy-mixing up is this sweet question from KATIE: “How can a post new age person ensure eye flash and discourage unskilled empath merge when both happen so quickly …perhaps it will be easier once I become more skilled.”

Maybe you’ve already guessed from what’s in today’s article, Blog-Buddies (KATIE included):

  • Nobody ensures Enlightenment Eye Flash or makes it happen in any way
  • Enlightenment Eye Flash happens because a person subconsciously registers a certain kind of darshan
  • No skilled empath discourages unskilled empath merge — which would be yet another kind of busywork done by unskilled empaths, with good intentions but zero productive results
  • Unskilled empath merges are, indeed, very quick. And consciously we don’t know we are doing them. (The exception is the kind of Prolonged Unskilled Empath Merge which you can learn more about it “The Empowered Empath: Owning, Embracing and Managing Your Special Gifts.”)
  • A skilled empath lives with empath gifts turned OFF, a kind of default positioning. That is simple. Skills make life better, and all RES skills are effortless. And they’re designed so that you can enjoy your human life.

My Tricky Job, Monitoring this Blog

I do what I can, Blog-Buddies, to answer technical questions about energy in the most practical way possible. As in the name for this blog, “Deeper Perception Made PRACTICAL.”

Out of caring, not snobbery or other disrespectful motives, I will occasionally make a blunt comment as I just did about “don’t go there.”

Because it is easy to twirl off in different directions that will never be productive. Kind of like back in the Middle Ages, when religious folks would earnestly debate for hours how many angels could dance on the head of a pin.

How much did that help anybody.

I am finding something similar to this bigtime while monitoring the new Empath Empowerment® Skills Group on Facebook. Many folks go onto that group thinking that it is just the place to talk about a big full moon or random energy things they have noticed. Consistently, I say “No, not here.” This is a group to help empaths gain skills that make life better.”

Some folks there have hated this. They have unsubscribed pronto. One registered her disgust with a private message about how I was “patronizing and bossy” (or something like that).

Yet I know that some of you love this blog for exactly that same reason. Your comments go live whether I agree with them or not, but sometimes I do feel the need to set the record straight. Hence today’s blog post.

Really I’m just one teacher with certain things that I teach, caring very much to help people understand just those things. And to understand in a way that helps you to have a really good life.

Maybe even to have a good life in householder Enlightenment. Which is way, way more enjoyable that winning this week’s debate about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

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  1. 1
    Sarah says:

    Thank you for this follow-up, Rose!

    I found myself getting a little confused in the last post, especially with the comments.

    I think I understand the concept of the Enlightenment Eye Flash much better after this post. It helps that you connect it up to the notion of darshan.

  2. 2
    Sarah says:

    I also found it really interesting how you mention that a similar thing is going on with everyone, all the time, via auric modeling…

    but that Enlightenment Eye Flash is only something which occurs in response to folks who have actually moved into Enlightenment.

  3. 3
    Sarah says:

    Interesting to me because, as you say, it’s definitely not conscious.

    I’ve felt myself inexplicably “light up” (or “take a shine”) in response to different people in my life, even strangers at times… but that’s completely different.

  4. 4
    Sarah says:

    Those people aren’t Enlightened (probably), and I haven’t noticed anything like that happening when meeting people on your Life List.

    If there was a recognition of sorts, it was definitely not conscious.

  5. 5

    SARAH, you get it!

    I’m also glad to know that it WAS becoming confusing for you with some of the comments at that other article. Because I was starting to feel a bit confused myself, and I’m allegedly an expert on all this. Haha.

    Knowledge about energy, brought back to what’s human, with truth and as much simplicity as possible — that’s attainable. And that’s what I’m after for myself and all you Blog-Buddies who would like to receive that as well.

  6. 6
    Lilian says:

    I’m sure all kinds of things subconsciously happen when we recognise each other’s auric modelling. I’m not used to people “getting” me, so I’m not used to getting such a genuine reaction from someone.

  7. 7
    Tehya says:

    “Do You Need to Fix Energy ANYTHING Happening to Others?

    Nope. Almighty, omnipresent God doesn’t get into this. Why would you need to?”

    I love this line. So clear it makes me think “Duh! Of course!”

  8. 8
    Tehya says:

    With regards to people being rubbed the wrong way by you keeping things on track or being blunt: thank goodness you are honest and direct, Rose.

    How could RES maintain its integrity otherwise? And how can people learn and grow quickly if their teacher can’t get to the point!

  9. 9
    Tehya says:

    Bluntness really challenges people. And it is especially not what many people expect 1. in a spiritual field and 2. from women.

  10. 10
    Tehya says:

    Small tangent: Being blunt goes against most of my social training. Then there’s my grandmother who actually WENT to charm school. We used to tease her about her indirect phrasing.

    Sometimes when she’d speak, it was anybody’s guess what she was trying to communicate. Is this a request of some sort? If so, can you please just TELL me what you are requesting?! Or is there some other point buried in your words? She has improved a lot, and she has a great sense of humor about her “charm school requests” as we call them.

  11. 11
    Tehya says:

    And I have a good friend who was challenging to me at times because she was so honest and blunt. I hadn’t thought about that quality of hers in her for a long time until it came up in soul thrill research as something about our friendship that had a really good impact on me.

  12. 12
    Tehya says:

    At the level of relationships, I’m sure me and my grandmother are not the only ones who can benefit from being on the giving and receiving end of directness. And on a larger scale, when someone is trying to lead or teach something (like Empath Empowerment)–please, please speak plainly!

  13. 13
    Katie says:

    Hi All,

    Wow – thank you Rose for putting so much time into explaining.

    I certainly don’t mind and in fact appreciate you suggesting “don’t go there” …I think your work is really important and I am so grateful that one have put yourself out here to help people like myself who want a practical way of using empath skills and preventing stuff getting in the way of enlightment!:)

  14. 14
    Katie says:

    I must admit that I feel sad that some people have used your empath empowerment face book page to make nasty, silly comments.

    The fact that Face Book trolls excist are the reason I have never joined facebook.

    Please keep doing what your doing – it’s brave, new and works! I have a few of your books on my kindle and am slowly but surely cleaning up my aura and it feels great!

  15. 15

    Thank you, KATIE and TEHYA.

    Golly, TEHYA, just as some people “come from money,” you “come from CHARM.” 😉

  16. 16
    Amanda says:

    What a great set of comments, Tehya.

    I lost a very old friend through being direct about something she didn’t want to hear. Now that I think about it, I was never really direct with her because there was the sense she wouldn’t take it.

    It’s put me off directness as a result. You comments and Rose’s remarks in another set of comments have reminded me that I value directness.

    I am better off finding friends with the same attitude.

    Thank you. I’ve been sad about the loss of the friendship for some time and this has cheered me up again.


  17. 17
    Irene Kr says:

    This is a tricky topic for me. I appreciate deeply the information that you provide, Rose, the unwavering integrity with which you teach and the generous time you spend freely here and on FB.

  18. 18
    Irene Kr says:

    On the other hand, it can be very difficult to hear a “don’t go there” when I don’t (know enough to) understand that I’m just going down a pointless rabbit hole.

    It can feel like a shut-down to my fledgling self-authority (fledgling in the sense that I’m learning to listen to it) and like I’m supposed to just do what I’m told and stop asking such silly questions.

  19. 19
    Irene Kr says:

    This is just my stuff-influenced interpretation, but it does mean that I understand where people who misunderstand are coming from.

    Especially in a text-based medium that is easier to misinterpret.

  20. 20
    Irene Kr says:

    That said, this post is great. It combines laser-accurate clarity, explanation and the reasons/examples why the rabbit hole isn’t a productive path.

    And it makes me much less confused about the comments on the other post. So thank you for this, and for all the teaching you do 🙂

  21. 21

    IRENE KR, I really, really appreciate this series of comments.

    What courage, honesty, and clarity about a wide range of reactions!

    If it helps, I’m going to value you whether you agree with me on various things or not.

  22. 22

    That fledgling self-authority matters so much.

    Go ahead and get rambunctious with it any way that you choose.

    If you trust me when I say “Dead end,” you might save yourself some time. But if you resent yourself or me over it, go for any road you choose.

    Long term it ends up in joy and peace. As an Enlightenment Coach, I would prefer for you to find that sooner rather than later.

    Anyway, you are so welcome, IRENE.

  23. 23
    Isabella C. says:

    Irene, taking someone else’s advice can still be a great use of your self-authority. You decide, hmm, do I trust the source? Does this make sense to me? Or not? Et cetera…

    Self-authority doesn’t mean making up everything for yourself and never consulting experts!

    From the way you commented, sounds like your self-authority definitely exists and is working. 😉

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